The GB Weekly, Friday 10 May 2013

Workshoppers invited to discover passions
Winter is knocking on the door.That means less sunshine, less gardening, less social time.
Now “it’s time to go inside: inside the house, inside yourself,” says artist luane Brauner.
“Winter is a good break from the active summer, a chance to discover something
in you, a passion that gives you the same good energy as you get from the outside.”
When luane Brauner started to paint nearly thirty years ago she was looking
for an “inner battery charger”.
Three children and a fulltime job kept her busy. In the window of a
bookshop in her hometown, a little town in east Germany, Luane noticed a book about
the russian painter Iwan Shishkin. The book was so fascinating that she started to
paint immediately.
“This developed into a passion which carries me through sad times and makes makes
good times even better.”
In the year 2000 Brauner became self-employed and opened her own art school. Six years ago she came to Golden
Bay and now she feels it is the right time to teach again or to help other people to discover other passions in themselves.
Luane will hold workshops at the Sandcastle or the Beach Front B&B. Ph 021 110 0627. An exhibition of her work is
being held at the dangerous kitchen.